Current event nine article 11-09-2011

Current event nine article 11-09-2011 - Washington (CNN) -...

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Washington (CNN) -- When the Supreme Court begins to wonder how evolving law enforcement policies will affect them personally, the government may want to start worrying. That concern was evident in a freewheeling case argued Tuesday over police surveillance. Government agents used a global positioning system, or GPS, to track a criminal suspect's movements around the clock as he drove in his car around the nation's capital. After a monthlong clandestine operation, the man was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. A majority of the justices appeared adamant after a one-hour public session that officers should have obtained a warrant before placing the device on the suspect's vehicle. A government lawyer suggested such surveillance could be used on members of the court itself. "So your answer is yes, you could tomorrow decide that you put a GPS device on every one of our cars, follow us for a month; no problem under the Constitution?" said Chief Justice John Roberts to a government lawyer, as he gestured to his eight colleagues. He seemed surprised at the Obama administration's sweeping assertion. At issue is whether movement in a vehicle on city streets is "public" in nature. "With computers, it's now so simple to amass an enormous amount of information," said Justice Samuel Alito. "So how do we deal with this? Do we just say, well, nothing has changed?" Growing sophistication of electronic devices to monitor the movements of suspects makes this issue ripe for review, since lower courts have disagreed on when such surveillance is permissible without a warrant. The devices send an electronic signal to a satellite, allowing real-time plotting of someone's
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Current event nine article 11-09-2011 - Washington (CNN) -...

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