Current event one 08-28-2011

Current event one 08-28-2011 - E State Police HQ lost power...

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Nayef Jaber Period 5 08-28-11 Current Event One I. Rhode Island II. Providence III. North America IV. Massachusetts and the Atlantic ocean V. Irene leaves up to half of Rhode Island without power VI. A. National grid says 256,600 of National Grids 477,000 Rhode Island customers are without electricity. B. 300-400 reports of fallen trees, tree branches, or power lines by Sunday afternoon in Providence. C. Only one minor injury when a tree fell on a truck. D. Streets are blocked my fallen tree limbs and can have live electric wires.
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Unformatted text preview: E. State Police HQ lost power on Sunday. VII. This incident will affect history in the future because now Rhode Island will now get money to help rebuild their cities and towns that were destroyed my Irene. The government will probably provide money and that would increase our countries debt. Since our debt will increase taxes will probably have to rise raising the cost of living here in America. This incident can start a chain of events that could force the US into bankruptcy....
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