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Current event six 10-09-2011 - legal. E. Businesses are...

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Nayef Jaber Period 5 10-09-2011 I. Alabama II. Montgomery III. North America IV. Georgia and Mississippi V. Alabama’s immigration law prompts alarm VI. A. The estimated 130,000 illegal immigrants are worried confused and disappearing in Alabama. B. The new law requires police to check the immigration status of suspects and turn illegal immigrants in to federal authorities. C. School officials have to demand birth certificates of first time enrolling students even though they can’t turn them away. D. People are afraid to drive sick relatives to the doctors, kids are being bullied at school, and water companies won’t establish new service if you can’t prove that your
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Unformatted text preview: legal. E. Businesses are being affected due to a lower number of workers. VII. This is significant because the immigrants came to America for freedom, and now that Alabama has a law that forces them to prove that their legal status if required which violates their freedoms. Because of these violations many illegals are running away from Alabama and going to Texas or Chicago. Due to this law many businesses are being affected due to their lower work force. This law will probably be passed in other states as well....
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