Current event three 09-07-2011

Current event three 09-07-2011 - economy. E. Democrats...

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Nayef Jaber Period 5 09-07-2011 I. District of Colombia II. Washington D.C. III. North America IV. Delaware and Virginia V. Obama’s job plan to reflect his more modest ambition VI. A. Plan to revive economy including tax breaks and increasing school job training. B. Economists say that this plan can move the unemployment needle over the next few months. C. Obama will execute his plan in Richmond, Va. were Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lives. D. If Congress doesn’t approve his plan he can portray the GOP “sabotaging” the
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Unformatted text preview: economy. E. Democrats think the Republicans will oppose the plan. VII. This event will affect history because if Obamas plan is approved then he will have helped our economy recover. If not he can use the fact that it was not approved to help him gain favor in the upcoming elections by sabotaging the economy. Obama will try to going to gain Republican favor by helping out Virginia and other mostly Republican states. Depending on how congress votes this plan, it will be a factor to help Obama become reelected or not....
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Current event three 09-07-2011 - economy. E. Democrats...

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