Current event twelve 12-05-2011

Current event twelve 12-05-2011 - in jail he won’t be of...

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Nayef Jaber Period 5 12-05-2011 I. Connecticut II. Hartford III. North America IV. Massachusetts and New York V. Jury weighs life-or-death fate of convicted Connecticut murderer a. Joshua Komisarjevsky was convicted of 17 charges including three murders. b. Komisarjevsky’s lawyer said that his client is “damaged” suffers from a mood disorder. c. Komisarjevsky and his partner in crime, Steven Hayes, are charged for beating and tying up Dr. William Petit, raping and strangling his wife, molesting one of his daughters and setting the house on fire which suffocated both of Dr. Petite’s daughters. d. Dr. Petit want’s Komisarjevsky to receive the death penalty. e. Komisarjevsky’s lawyer says that he has a troubled past and that if he is locked up
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Unformatted text preview: in jail he won’t be of any harm to anyone. VI. This article is significant because it shows that there are crazy people out in the world and that just because they might have some mental health issues if they are caught doing nay illegal activity they will be tried just like anyone else. This shows us that in the eyes of the law everyone one is equal. IT maybe true that we are all products of our environment, however we also must be responsible for our actions. The law is the same for everyone no matter what your health currently is, no matter what race, religion, or skin color that you are....
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