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Evans 1 Gina Evans Scott Inguito English 1A 12/04/11 Essay #3 In the novel Disgrace, by J.M. Coetzee, the author takes the readers into the mind of David Lurie, a fifty-two years old man, divorced and lost his career because choices he made. In the novel the central character David experiences some intense and horrifying things which makes him change throughout the story. His growth in his attitude towards animal, communication and realization of his actions make him stronger to move on in life. One of David Lurie’s greatest transformations in the novel concerns his attitude towards animals. When David first comes to visit his daughter’s farm he is disgusted by animals. He is repelled by their smell, woken by the barking, and certain of their inferiority. David once thought that animals have no souls “We are of a different order of creation from the animals” (Coetzee 74). When he was first introduced to Bev Shaw, the owner of the animal shelter she was not attractive and smelled of the animals she worked with all day. He had a very negative look on animals and anyone who dealt with animals. When prompted by his daughter to volunteer at the shelter he agrees. The experience assisting Bev Shaw with the treatment and euthanasia significantly changed his outlook on animals. His transformation is shown when he is disturbed when Petrus’ two Persian
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Gina Evans Disgrace Essay - Evans 1 Gina Evans Scott...

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