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Health: A National Audience in Health Class by implements not only health class instruction, but technology and research as well. In the health classroom, students are asked to research a certain drug and present this information to the class. Students will be asked to create PSAs on the drug that was assigned to them. Students will be asked to go to the library and research the illegal drug thoroughly before presenting their PSAs to the class. The students will be asked to use flip cameras and some type of media maker to create their PSAs. If students need assistance, the librarian and teacher should be available to assist students in any way that they can. This assignment is not a one day assignment, but can basically last over the duration of that particular unit. The students will not only be learning as there are researching, but they will be putting their knowledge to work by sharing with others in class. There are three main components to this lesson: research, powerpoint, and a PSA. Students should be given three
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