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CSE 155N Lab 6 Assignment

CSE 155N Lab 6 Assignment - Activity 2 Create a program...

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CSE 155MN (Lab-6) Create a script to accomplish the directions of each question. Hand in each script through the web-handin. http://cse.unl.edu/~handin/ Due: Monday, 3 rd Oct at 11:59 pm Activity 1: Create a program name tablefor.m and tablewhile.m to calculate any math table with the following requirements: Take input from user what type of table he wants to calculate. Use for loop and while to create table
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Unformatted text preview: Activity 2: Create a program name positive.m that loops until the user enters n positive number. Output: Please enter 3 positive numbers Enter a positive number: 5.5 Thanks, you entered: 5.5 Enter a positive number: 12 Thanks, you entered: 12 Enter a positive number: -45.55 Invalid! Enter a positive number: 8 Thanks, you entered: 5...
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