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lab assignment 9

lab assignment 9 - coordinates and plot them Activity 2...

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CSE 155MN (Lab-9) Create a script to accomplish the directions of each question. Hand in each script through the web-handin. http://cse.unl.edu/~handin/ Due: Monday, 7 th Oct at 11:59 pm Activity 1: Write a script ( stringmanup.m ) that will first initialize a string variable that will store x and y coordinate of point in the form, for example ‘x 3.1 y 6.4’. (Here the input is taken from the users so, it can be anything). Then, use string manipulation function to extract the
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Unformatted text preview: coordinates and plot them. Activity 2: Write a script ( checklen.m ) that will create and display a cell array that will loop to store strings of length 1, 2, 3 and 4. The script will prompt the user for the strings. It will error-check and print error message and repeat the prompt if the user enters a string with incorrect length....
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