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CNST%20131%20Assignment%20_%205%20Rev.%2011.2.10 - CNST 131...

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CNST 131 Assignment # 5 Construction Estimating Page 1 of 2 October 28, 2010 Your assignment is to answer the following questions, dealing with Estimating the Fire Hall & Community Room project. Your answers should be based on the three sheets of plans provided on Blackboard. Please read each question carefully and provide your answers on a separate sheet, per the Course Syllabus. Each answer should include a Quantity and a Unit of Measure, unless it is a Dollar Amount. Questions 1-5 are worth One Point Each and Questions 6 – 15 are worth 2 points each. Points will be adjusted accordingly per the Revisions on 11.2.10 The Due Date for this Assignment is Thursday November 4, 2010. This assignment will be returned in class. No electronic copies will be accepted. Question # 1: What is the Square Foot Area of the building? Question # 2 : What is the Area of the P roperty (inside the Property Line) ? Question Deleted. Question # 3: What is the Total Quantity of Parking Stalls, including the Future Parking?
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