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Map 2009-1-29 - 24.0%~100.0%, it makes the user think...

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Jieling Mai GEOG140 101 Map Jen 27, 2009 The Maps The best map I think is the State Choropleth . The functions of this map is very flexible. It can be changed the percentage and the classes by the user according to the purpose of the users. The equal frequency and equal interval button, are also very helpful for the user to set up whatever they want. The worst map is Country Choropleth. Its percentage of the dark green area is
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Unformatted text preview: 24.0%~100.0%, it makes the user think that in these area the African-American is 100%. But actually the highest percentage of the African American in these states is 40%. P.S I don’t know how to get the map to The Word. And the website has no function to send the map without printing. Sorry....
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