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UNIT ONE REVIEW PSY 181 Directions: choose the option that BEST answers the statements below. Chapter 1 1. Wilhelm Wundt believed the focus of psychology should be a. questioning the nature of existence b. studying stimulus-response associations c. determining people’s unconscious motivation for behavior d. examining people’s awareness of their immediate experience 2. Dr. Lee is studying pain perception using a functionalist perspective. It is most likely that Dr. Lee would suggest that we can only understand the conscious experience of pain a. if all the component parts that make up the experience of pain are understood b. by observing the outward expression of pain in response to different stimuli c. if we first understand the role of pain in human survival and adaptation d. if we understand the unconscious processes that initiate the sensation of pain 3. According to Sigmund Freud, an individual’s personality is largely determined by a. self-actualizing tendencies b. forces in the environment c. strivings for superiority d. forces in the unconscious 4. Organisms tend to repeat responses that lead to positive outcomes, and they tend not to repeat responses that lead to neutral or negative outcomes.” These words would most likely have been said by a. Wilhelm Wundt b. William James c. B. F. Skinner d. Abraham Maslow 5. Manny tends to be very passive and allows people to take advantage of him. What would a humanist be most likely to say about Manny? a. Manny will find it difficult to change because he probably has deep-seated feelings of inferiority. b. Manny can become more assertive once he begins to feel better about himself and recognizes that he has the ability to fulfill his potential. c. Manny simply needs to take an assertiveness training class in which he can learn and practice assertive behaviors. 6. Which of the following sounds LEAST like the work of an applied psychologist? a. finding ways to teach learning disabled children b. studying basic learning processes in rats c. treating someone with a phobia 1
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d. looking for ways to increase efficiency in an organization 7. The Human Genome Project involves a large number of scientists who are trying to determine the biochemical nature of all the genes on each chromosome in the human body. These scientists come from a variety of areas, including psychology. The psychologists working on this project are most likely a. evolutionary psychologists b. cross-cultural psychologists c. behavioral psychologists d. biological psychologists 8. Researchers in psychology have “to see it to believe it.” This orientation is most consistent with a. empiricism b. structuralism c. functionalism d. humanism 9. A biopsychosocial approach to explaining your performance in a course would most likely focus on a. personal factors more than situational factors b. situational factors more than personal factors c. both personal and situational factors d. the relationship between you and your professor 10. Nature is to nurture as
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UNIT ONE Practice test.181 - 1 UNIT ONE REVIEW PSY 181...

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