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Reading Guide Questions: Rubenstein, Chapter 1 1. How do geographers organize things, and what are two major questions they ask? 2. How is Nebraska being pulled in two different directions, both toward globalization and toward preserving local identity/diversity? 3. What are the tools of a geographer? How do you think cultural perceptions and paradigms affect how we see the earth? 4. Names are one of the ways we identify place. What are some of the most interesting place names in Nebraska you know? 5. What is a cultural landscape, and how does it help us define a region? What constitutes a region and how many kinds of region are there? Can you give examples of all types of regions in Nebraska? 6. How does spatial association enable us to conceptualize different regions than the ones identified above? 7. Culture is identified as the things we care about and the thing we take care of.
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