L3 - Study Guide Chapter 5 Language(Key points to cover in...

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Study Guide Chapter 5: Language (Key points to cover in your reading) Terms and Concepts: language language group Proto-Indo-European Ebonics literary tradition Hindi ideograms hybrid language official language Devanagari extinct languages Franglais vernacular language Urdu multilingual states Spanglish dialect Bengali isolated language Vulgar tongue isogloss Persian/Farsi lingua franca Treaty of Tordesillas language family Cyrillic Romansch Kurgan Hearth Theory language branch creole/creolized language pidgin language Anatolian Hearth Theory Flemings Waloons K EY I SSUES Introduction • The global distribution of languages results from which two geographic processes? • How do these two things help to explain the development of regions of individual languages and entire language families? • How old is English? How old are the Romance languages? Key Issue 1 : Where Are English-Language Speakers Distributed? 1. What is the origin and diffusion of English? Which two languages are the largest in the world in terms of speakers and distribution? In how many countries is English an official language? Do people in these countries actually speak English? How did English become so widely distributed? What accounts for the pattern on the map in Figs. 5-1 and 8-4? Where does the name England come from? Who were the three groups attributed with the roots of the English language? Who were the Normans and how did they contribute to the development of English?
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L3 - Study Guide Chapter 5 Language(Key points to cover in...

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