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WR2C Q - Power Point 2c Study Questions Religion Slides 1-4...

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Power Point 2c Study Questions: Religion Slides 1-4: Establishment of Israel When was the original partition plan for Israel implemented? What were the Arab Muslim territories called? What happened to Jerusalem after the 1948-1949 war? What have been the most hotly contested territories in this region since 1967? Why? When was the Sinai Peninsula returned to Egypt? Slides 5-6: Israel and Palestinians Compare the map of Political control to the physical map of the West Bank. In general, how would you characterize the territory under the control of Israel (there are 3 important characteristics here)? Looking back at Slide 2, what is the country that lies directly to the east of Israel? Which two countries border Israel to the north? How close is Israel to Saudi Arabia? Slide 7: Jerusalem What are the four quarters of Jerusalem? Where is the Western Wall? Using the scale on the map, how close is the Dome of the Rock to the remnants of Solomon’s Temple?
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