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Lecture 3 Learning Outcomes

Lecture 3 Learning Outcomes - which it belongs(you do not...

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Learning Outcomes 46-59 Lecture 3, January 9, 2012 1. Compare and contrast the structures of fats and phospholipids. Fats- glycerol molecule linked by ester bonds to three fatty acids-triglycerol Phospholipids- 1 glycerol, 2 fatty acids, and 1 phosphate Glycerol covalently bonded to phosphate Unlike fat molecules, phophlipids contain two ends that have very diff properties. Phosphate end hydrophilic and fatty acid end hydrophobic 2. Compare saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in terms of structure and melting temperature. Saturated-lack double bonds, trans, all carbons have hydrogen’s,(triglycerides) Unsaturated- possess double bonds, lower melting point because of double bonds don't allow it to pack efficiently. 3. Be able to recognize specific groups (polar, non-polar, etc.)to which an amino acid belongs based on structure. Learn the names of the 20 amino acids and the group to
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Unformatted text preview: which it belongs (you do not have to memorize the structures, but you should be able to put the specific amino acids into the correct group by name). Ok. 4. Draw an amino acid, draw a dipeptide. If given a specific pH, be able to draw the appropriate ionization state of the amino and carboxyl groups of the amino acids. In notebook. 5. Compare and contrast the structures of β-pleated sheets and α helices. Both have H-bonds, both secondary structures, different folding β-pleated sheets- between 2 stands-can be anti or parallel, H bonds further down α helices-shorter, closer 6. Illustrate the hydrogen bonding observed in secondary structures of proteins. H-bonding between amino acids Alpha helices bond N-O peptide between same strands Beta sheets bond N-O peptide between different strands...
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