Lecture 8 - 1,3,7,10 ALL REQUIRE ATP 4 Explain how the allosteric regulation of phosphofructokinase works Feedback inhibition depends on shape of

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Lecture 8, January 23 105-114 1. Explain the difference between G˚’ and G and be able to calculate G under specific conditions. Lecture 7 2. Within cells, different mechanisms exist that allow reactions with positive standard free energy changes to go on. Explain two different such mechanisms. Couple with negative free energy Increase concentration of Reactants 3. Identify the irreversible steps seen in glycolysis and explain why they are irreversible.
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Unformatted text preview: 1,3,7,10 ALL REQUIRE ATP 4. Explain how the allosteric regulation of phosphofructokinase works. Feedback inhibition- depends on shape of active site to change; temporarily inactives when concentration of end product reaches certain level. 5. Define substrate level phosphorylation and identify the source of the energy involved. Formation of ADP to ATP NADH is involved...
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