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PHY121 – Midterm II version First: Mark the bubbles corresponding to ALL letters of your name . Write and bubble your SBU ID Number at bottom left. Use black pencil only. Fill all possible correct bubble(s) completely. Erase cleanly any answer you wish to change! Each question is worth 10 points. Numerical questions have one correct answer. A wrong choice in a non-numerical question will be penalized by subtracting 10/(#choices – #correct) points. 1. My exam version is: 2. I need to calculate the relative uncertainty Δ D/D in the distance D using the equation D=x f – x 0 . I know the uncertainties in x f and x 0 : Δ x f and Δ x 0 . Which formula should I use? 22 00 () ( ) ff DD x x  0 f D Dx x D 0 f x x D   3. Which of the following is NOT a scalar? A Work B Impulse C Kinetic energy D Moment of Inertia Momentum 4. I’m at rest sitting on an office chair that is able to freely rotate on a vertical axis. I’m holding a rapidly spinning bicycle wheel over my head so that its rotation axis is pointing upward. Seen from above, the wheel is rotating clockwise. Now I turn the wheel over without stopping it, so that it now turns counterclockwise when viewed from above. What happens? When seen from above … A I start spinning counterclockwise I start spinning clockwise I remain at rest D the wheel starts spinning clockwise
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PHY121_S11_M2_Solutions - PHY121MidtermII version A First:...

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