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PHY121 Midterm I version First: Mark the bubbles corresponding to ALL letters of your name . Fill in the MI with this exam’s Version Number . Fill out your SBU Identification Number at bottom left. Use black pencil only. Fill all possible correct bubble(s) completely. Erase cleanly any answer you wish to change! 1. Which of the following is NOT a vector? 2. I need to calculate the uncertainty Δ D in distance travelled using the equation D=v t from the measured uncertainties in v and t : Δ v and Δ t . Which formula should I use? 3. Which of the following ideas is true about general projectile motion with no air drag? 4. Two bullets are fired simultaneously in the horizontal direction and with the same height above a horizontal plane. The bullets have different masses and different initial velocities. Which one will strike the plane first? 5. A projectile is fired from the origin as shown in the figure. The initial velocity components are v 0 x = 940 m/s and v 0 y = 96 m/s. The projectile reaches maximum height at point P, then it descends and strikes the ground. The height of point P is closest to: 6. A child pulls on a wagon handle at an angle 37° above the horizontal with a force of 45 N. If the wagon accelerates at 8.1 m/s 2 horizontally, the mass of the wagon is closest to (ignore frictional forces): 7. The engine of a 1250 kg car exerts a backwards directed force of 3651 N on the road, which returns a forwards directed reaction force on the car. If the car accelerates at 2.60 m/s 2
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PHY121_S11_M1_Solutions - PHY121 Midterm I version A First:...

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