Group Assignment - Below is a recollection of my responses...

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Below is a recollection of my responses to the assigment questions raised by you during lectures and via email over the past few days: 1) YOU - Is high P/E ratio a good answer? ME - What do you think if you show this to your parents? Will he/she understand it? . . So it is better to avoid abbreivations. 2) YOU - About question 2, do you want us to write down the procedure as "in excel, click this, click that" . ..? ME - once again, do you think the reader will understand what you are doing? It is the underlying concept or procedure that matters. Once the reader is clear about the procedure, he/she can design the spreadsheet application accordingly. 3) YOU - Am I encouraged to say beyond what the question asks? ME - The short answer is NO. Now you may think that I am not being creative and too bossy to restrict what you write. But think again and put yourself in my situation. If the teacher wants to know something that is beyond the question, is it better for the teacher to ask another question on that something than let the students say whatever they want on top of the relevant answer. 4) YOU - The readings are so hard to understand! It doesn't tell us everything required to answer the question! e.g., how do I measure the weight of individual stocks that I have selected for the index? Do I divide the mkt cap of a stock by the mkt cap of all the stocks provided or just the total mkt cap of the stocks that I have selected? This is not said in the article. ME - For the 2nd question, you've already learnt it. What should the total weight of a portfolio be? Regarding the 1st question, my response is that in an interview situation, you're often asked of your strong and weak points. So why don't you tell the interviewer that "it was my lecturer, HENRY YIP, who helped discover my weak point of finding it hard to read the
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Group Assignment - Below is a recollection of my responses...

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