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If you cannot solve your problems using these Instructions, please write to ---- SRIM 2011 ---- INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for Win-95,-98, NT, XP, Vista and Win-7 systems If you have problems running SRIM, and Windows declares that system files are missing, there is a program to fix this. Look in the SRIM subdirectory: “ \Installation in WinXP and Win7 and read the file: “ Installing missing Windows files ”. Some versions of Windows omit some Microsoft Windows programs that used to be standard. These instructions will allow you to install them into your computer. Installation of SRIM-2011 (5.2 MB) or the Professional version (29 MB). * Make a new Directory called SRIM 2011. Copy the downloaded file SRIM-2011.e into it. Rename it SRIM-2011.exe. * Execute SRIM-2011.exe to unfold all the SRIM files. If you have had previous versions of SRIM working on your system, you should have no problems. * Make a desktop icon of SRIM. Do this by right-clicking on SRIM 2011.exe and selecting Create Shortcut Here ” from the menu (different Win-systems use slightly different messages). Drag the result to your desktop. Now right-click on the new icon and select Properties ”. Somewhere on the tabs you will find “Compatibility”. You need to check two boxes: 1. Run as Administrator ”. Check this box. 2. Run in compatibility mode for Windows XP (SP3) ”. Check this box. 3. Finally, press “ Save ” or “ OK ” or “ Apply ” (depending on which Windows). Without these setup commands, SRIM would not be allowed to write any data to your disk. * Try SRIM by executing the icon for SRIM 2011.exe. The two common errors/problems are : 1. You cannot link to the “ Stopping and Range Tables ” or to “ TRIM Setup ”. 2. In either of these files, you cannot open the Compound Dictionary. Both of these errors come from the SRIM’s need for two Windows system files: TABCTL32.ocx and COMCTL32.ocx . Microsoft has put out 5 versions of these two programs with various operating Windows systems, and they are incompatible. There are two simple things to try: Method #1 1. You will find copies of these two files in “/SRIM Setup for WinXP and Win7/Windows”
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SRIM ReadMe (English-2011) - If you cannot solve your...

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