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Running Header: ASSIGNMENT III - MOTIVATIONAL PROBLEM Assignment III - Motivational Problem Narinder Schoeling Ashford University – Online Campus BUS610 Organizational Behavior Instructor: Gary Gentry June 27, 2010
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Motivational Problem I have selected the motivational problems within an organization. I will briefly describe the problem situation in an organization. I will use a theory of motivation to explain the problem in the organization. I will discuss how to use a theory of motivation to explain the problem an organization. I shell support all my findings with earthier my text or other research sources. There are always motivational challenges within an organization. Organization seek to foster job satisfaction and motivate employees to contribute to goals, they often run into two motivation related challenges are counterproductive work behavior and conflicts between work and family life. Counterproductive Work Behavior Job satisfaction, we noted that an absence of satisfaction may be associated with some types of undesirable behavior, such as absenteeism and employee turnover. These costly behaviors, along with some that are even more disturbing, are part of a category of behavior known as counterproductive work behaviors (CWBs), types of behavior that harm employees and the organization as a whole. According to the text CWBs “include but are not limited to theft, white collar crime, absenteeism, tardiness, drug and alcohol abuse, disciplinary problems, accidents, sabotage, sexual harassment, and violence.” A well publicized example involves an
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Assignment 3 - Running Header: ASSIGNMENT III -...

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