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Running Header: ASSIGNMENT IV - TEAM BUILDING Assignment III - Team Building Narinder Schoeling Ashford University – Online Campus BUS610 Organizational Behavior Instructor: Gary Gentry July 5, 2010
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Team Building Describe a team building exercise for conflict resolution that you would present in an organization atmosphere and how it would be conducted. There are a lot of elements that makes up a team. A common goal of the team is to establish a clear vision or mission statements as to what the team wishes to accomplish. Forming a sense of commitment among the team, problem solving. Finally the effectiveness of the team is measured by the group’s collective outcomes. According to the text work groups are made to become more effective by helping members learn to function as a team. One good way to do this is to have members of a group interviewed independently by the OD agent to establish the group, and then a meeting held away from the workplace to discuss the issues. To enhance team cohesiveness is to have members work together on a project such as rock climbing, to help with communication and conflict resolution. The objective is for members to see how they can individually contribute to the group’s goals and efforts. According to the text there are five important issues to consider when utilizing groups to
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Assignment 4 - Running Header: ASSIGNMENT IV - TEAM...

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