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CHAPTER 6: CURRENT PROCEDURAL TERMINOLOGY (CPT) AND HEALTHCARE COMMON PROCEDURE CODING SYSTEM (HCPCS) REINFORCEMENT EXERCISES 6–1 Abbreviations 1. Current Procedural Terminology 2. Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System 3. ambulatory surgery center 4. Department of Health and Human Services 5. American Hospital Association Short Answer 1. annually 2. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 3. Any three of the following: Appendix A, list of modifiers; Appendix B, summary of CPT code additions, deletions, revisions; Appendix C, clinical examples of evaluation and management codes; Appendix D, summary of CPT add-on codes; Appendix E, summary of codes that cannot be used with modifier -51; Appendix F, summary of codes that cannot be used with modifier -53; Appendix G, summary of codes that include conscious sedation; Appendix H, list of treatment/performance services by clinical condition; Appendix I, genetic testing code modifiers 4. January 1 5. Evaluation and Management, Anesthesia, Surgery, Radiology, Pathology and Laboratory, and Medicine REINFORCEMENT EXERCISES 6–2 Fill in the Blank 1. semicolon 2. bullet 3. triangle 4. facing triangles 5. plus sign 6. circled bullet 7. null zero; universal no code 8. modifier REINFORCEMENT EXERCISES 6–3 Short Answer 1. office visits, hospital visits, consultations
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2. report physician/provider activities/services related to evaluating, implementing, managing patient care 3. Consultation is advice or treatment; referral is surrendering care of patient to another provider. Fill in the Blank 1. new patient 2. established patient 3. chief complaint 4. unit/floor time 5. unlisted service 6. preventive medicine services 7. history of present illness (HPI) 8. case management REINFORCEMENT EXERCISES 6–4 Short Answer 1. history, physical examination, medical decision making 2. problem-focused, expanded problem-focused, detailed, comprehensive
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