Quiz3 Apr-2009

Quiz3 Apr-2009 - Quiz 3 DL # Name (last) (first)...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 3 DL # Name (last) (first) |___|___|___ Rubric Codes : Student ID: ____________________ first 3 letters last name I certify by my signature that I will abide by the code of academic conduct of the University of California. Signature ANSWERS WITHOUT WORK WILL RECEIVE NO CREDIT. MARK YOUR ANSWERS CLEARLY. You can use a CALCULATOR y( x , t ) = y +Asin( 2 1) Two speakers are directly in front of you in a straight line as shown below. You Speaker 1 Speaker 2 From your position, you cannot hear the sound at all. If one of the speakers moves, the sound gets louder. Both speakers produce sound of same frequency, 3400 Hz. a) What is the distance between the two speakers? The speakers are wired correctly, that is their constant phase difference is zero. b) The speakers are now wired so that the constant phase offset is pi. You move the speakers to a distance of 0.1 m, 0.15 m and 0.18 m. For each of the distances, find out whether the sound waves from two speakers interfere constructively, destructively or partially?...
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Quiz3 Apr-2009 - Quiz 3 DL # Name (last) (first)...

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