Quiz1 Dec-2008

Quiz1 Dec-2008 - Quiz 1 DL # Name (last) (first)...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 1 DL # Name (last) (first) |___|___|___ Rubric Codes : 7 Student ID: ____________________ first 3 letters last name I certify by my signature that I will abide by the code of academic conduct of the University of California. Signature ANSWERS WITHOUT WORK WILL RECEIVE NO CREDIT. MARK YOUR ANSWERS CLEARLY. y( x , t ) = y +Asin( 2 " t T ± 2 " x # + $ ) v= λ f You stand at the very end of an 800ft long pier watching ocean waves. You suddenly realize that these waves are just like all the other waves you have studied in discussion/lab and decide to put your physics skills to the test by writing the wave equation. The pier is supported by large concrete pillars. The pillars have markings on them designed to measure the water height. You see that the highest point the water reaches is a depth of 20 feet and the lowest point is a depth of 16 feet. You also notice that distances are marked along the pier. The concrete pillars are spaced 10 feet apart. You observe one wave crest for 10 seconds and note that it travels past 4 pillars. To make your life feet apart....
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Quiz1 Dec-2008 - Quiz 1 DL # Name (last) (first)...

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