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Questions and Suggestion to Help with the Final Review the following: DL activities Previous “Questions” Quizzes FNT’s These questions should help with the last three DL’s (Resonance, Impedance Matching, Quantum): What does resonance mean? As you study the resonance of an electric circuit, think about analogies to mechanical systems such as strings tied at the end, airwaves in a tube, a pendulum, etc. How do you determine the resonance of an RLC circuit? What happens to the current when the power supply provides a voltage signal that matches the resonant frequency? What happens to the cur- rent when the power supply sends a signal that is higher or lower in frequency than the resonant frequency (discuss both amplitude and phase)? Stereo speakers are designed to provide either 4 W , 6 W , or 8 W. If you amplifier is designed for 8 W speakers, what would be damaged if you connected 4 W speakers, the speakers or the amplifier?
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