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SampleFinal Apr-2009 - INSTRUCTI ONS: Right now, as soon as...

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Physics 7C Final Fall 2008 Page 1 INSTRUCTIONS: Right now, as soon as you get this part of the exam: 1. Fill in this cover sheet completely. 2. Put your ID, Name, DL section, and first three letters of your last name , and lecture day on each page of the exam. This is important!!!! The pages are separated for grading! Pages without names will receive 0.0! 3. Count the pages of the final. There should be 8 pages total with problems and questions on pages 2 - 7 . If this is not the case, inform the proctor IMMEDIATELY. It is your responsibility to have a full exam—any missing problems or questions will be given the lowest grade. 4. Remove the formula sheet from the exam. It is the last page. You need not turn it in. 5. All work must be done on the same page the question is located on or no credit. For example, do not put the explanation for question 4 in the blank space of question 1. Remember: * You will probably not know the answer or immediately know what to do when you first read a question. You are being tested on your ability to think. So think about how you can apply the general models and methods you have learned to the particular situations discussed in the questions. Think first, then do it. * Read the questions/problems carefully. Many times, students make mistakes because they don’t read carefully! * Be sure to show your work. Answers without work will generally not receive full credit. Erasure permitted, but not encouraged. It is best to draw a single line through work you don’t want graded. Please don’t let the heat of the moment sway you from remaining honest! We automatically report anyone suspected of cheating to Student Judicial Affairs. I certify by my signature below that I have read the above instructions and that I will abide by the UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct. This includes not copying from anyone else’s final not letting any other student copy from my final not discussing this final exam with any student who has not yet taken it, nor providing any information, written or oral, that might get to a student who has not yet taken it. Name (Print Clearly): Last First Student ID Number:___________________________ DL Section Number: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11) Lecture Day (Tues, Weds) and Time (7:30am, 9am) Signature:___________________________________ Date _____________ Check that you have completed this page, put your name, ID, and DL section number on each of the following six pages , and torn off the equation page stapled to the back of the exam. You may begin when the proctor instructs you to start.
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ID: __________ Name: _________________ , ________________ |___| |__|__|__| |__| Rubric Codes : last first D/L # First 3 last name. Lect. (T/W) ANSWERS WITHOUT WORK WILL RECEIVE NO CREDIT. MARK YOUR ANSWERS CLEARLY. Physics 7C Final
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SampleFinal Apr-2009 - INSTRUCTI ONS: Right now, as soon as...

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