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Defining Race and Ethnicity - Running head...

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Running head: ASSIGNMENT -DEFINING RACE AND ETHNICITY 1 Assignment -Defining Race and Ethnicity Lori Babler ETH125 January 6, 2011 Catherine Spyridakis
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ASSIGNMENT -DEFINING RACE AND ETHNICITY 2 Assignment -Defining Race and Ethnicity I have always viewed the term “race” and the term “ethnicity” to basically mean one in the same. After reading chapter 1, I have been provided a little bit better understanding of the difference between the two terms however; I do disagree somewhat with what our reading states. It states that the two terms are very different but in my opinion most individuals who are of a different race, regardless of that race, are also of a different ethnicity. They bring with them their cultural traditions, religions, and ways of life. If you think about it, we all have our own way of living, our own form of practicing religion and our own traditions. Human beings who originate or are born in different parts of the world are all different. Even in our great country, we are all of mixed origins and ethnicity and not a one of us looks alike. Well some people might be lucky
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