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Lori J. Babler GEN105/Michelle Sporre Checkpoint: Technological Tools My opinion of all of the technological tools that University of Phoenix provides is that it is extremely astonishing. I have had previous college classes all done using the standard classroom, standard library and research techniques and nothing compares to what is available through our University Library. The resources are endless and very helpful for every type of class available. The audio appendixes and digital stories are beneficial to students who may have difficulty in areas of reading and comprehension. These resources are a great benefit for students who not only have trouble in these areas but for students who do not enjoy reading textbooks. These resources make it both fun and interesting to learn in courses that would otherwise be non- interesting and boring due to long chapters of text and reading. I feel that the option to download appendixes in an audio format definitely improves the quality of our educational experience.
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Unformatted text preview: An example would be, a stay at home mother, taking care of her children who may have difficulty trying to find time in a day to sit down and read materials. However, if the material is downloaded in an audio format, she would not necessarily need to take special time to read the text and could listen to the text many times during her busy day. She could replay it over and over if needed until the study was completed for that week and she absorbed all that was intended in the required text or appendix. This type of learning benefits myself because I do not like or enjoy reading text books. I do however, very much enjoy the audio formats of appendix’s and texts and look forward to the time of day when I put on my headphones and listen and learn. In my opinion this is a great way to learn. I am using these resources now it and will continue using them more and more as my education continues. THANKS UOP!!...
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