Checkpoint Detecting Plagiarism

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Unformatted text preview: Lori J. Babler GEN105/Michelle Sporre Checkpoint: Detecting Plagiarism Instructor Feedback: Assignment Virtual Lab Courses To: Student 101 RE: Your submitted assignment To Student101, I have reviewed your previously submitted assignment in which you were asked to write an article on Virtual Lab Courses. As part of the Universitys review and grading process, this assignment was submitted to our University Plagiarism Checker to be reviewed for originality. Unfortunately, your assignment was returned with a 99% similarity index. This similarity index indicates that the turned in assignment was not that of your own writing and ideas but in fact copied from internet and publication sources. Therefore, your submitted assignment has been considered a result not of your originality but of plagiarism. As I am sure you are aware from our Student Code of Academic Integrity, plagiarism is a Threat to the integrity of students as well as the Universitys academic community. It is considered a Threat to the integrity of students as well as the Universitys academic community....
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