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Checkpoint Distance Learning I

Checkpoint Distance Learning I - The only thing holding me...

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Lori J. Babler GEN105/Michelle Sporre Checkpoint: Distance Learning I My initial thoughts on distance learning were excitingly positive. I did get a preview of what it was like before my initial contact with UOP. My cousin, who lives in Arizona, has been attending classes for over a year. She showed me that distance learning fits into anyone’s schedule leaving plenty of time for other responsibilities. Because of that, I decided to go for it.
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Unformatted text preview: The only thing holding me back for the past 6 years was the time that would have to be spent in a classroom at a campus. I was a little bit nervous when it was time for me to start classes and to be honest, I am still a little nervous I might miss something but the instructors are a great help. I would highly suggest distance learning to anyone looking to pursue furthering their education....
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