Checkpoint Distance Learning II pt.1

Checkpoint Distance Learning II pt.1 - above and therefore...

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Lori J. Babler GEN105/Michelle Sporre Checkpoint: Distance Learning II Submission 1 When giving constructive criticism to another person in a person to person dialog, body language is immediately recognized, facial expressions, voice tone, and an immediate reaction to what you are trying to communicate to them is apparent because of all of these elements. When attempting the same communication with a fellow classmate in a distance learning environment, in my opinion. the communication between the parties does not have the elements I mentioned
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Unformatted text preview: above and therefore the communication can be more open and forthcoming with the hope that the responses will be a positive ones. When communicating face to face, depending on the elements I described above, the communication could be abruptly ended. The conversation not completed and good information and suggestions not exchanged. In my opinion the only real drawback in communicating such information in a distance learning environment is the possible wait time back and forth for responses....
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