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Lori J. Babler SCE164/Shannon Martin Checkpoint: My Pyramid Plan Understanding food labels is not new to me. I have two sons who are diabetic and one son with a heart and lung condition. Every trip to the grocery store is a two or more hour long label fest. I have to check every label for sodium content and sugar content. Watching this video however, has brought something more to my attention. Serving Size is something I wasn’t paying as much attention to and I will be sure to pay more attention to this in the future. The information on labels relates to the pyramid plan by helping you to measure your servings more accurately to
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Unformatted text preview: the serving sizes on what the labels read. This could drastically reduce what you eat and how much you eat of certain foods in your pyramid. Understanding the serving size when reading labels, knowing how much of each food group and how often to eat during the course of a day can help in balancing your daily nutrition and helping you to better your daily diet. I know for me the labels are essential and are very important to taking care of my family’s nutritional needs. It is a must in our daily diet and overall nutrition....
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