Checkpoin capstone - had no training or experience whatsoever You decide to list for yourself five items—qualities life events or

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You are at your graduation dinner. Your best friend or favorite relative stands up and talks about your five most significant strengths that contributed to your successful graduation from college. What do you think they are? I think that they would have to be determination to succeed no matter what it took, My eagerness to learn, my strong study skills, my ability to communicate effectively and my strong intuition. You are preparing your post-graduation resume and need to list your college contributions and achievements. What would you like them to be? You are prepping for an interview for a job in a field in which you have
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Unformatted text preview: had no training or experience whatsoever. You decide to list for yourself five items—qualities, life events, or achievements—that will indicate to the interviewer that you are prepared to succeed in any field. What are they? What do your answers say about the life choices and personal goals that are most important to you? Thinking about your answers, draft a personal mission statement on a separate sheet of paper, up to a few sentences long. Make sure that it reflects who you want to be and what you want to achieve in school and beyond....
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