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Elevator Speech - Lori J Babler GEN105/Michelle Sporre...

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Lori J. Babler GEN105/Michelle Sporre Elevator Speech Assignment Although I am a new student here at AXIA College I do have some college credit already from attending college in pursuit of my degree in the past. At that time, you were required to go to an actual classroom at the campus to attend classes. My son, Robby, who was 2 weeks out of high school then and is now 24, began attending the same school and pursuing the same AA/IT degree. We also worked at the same company. During that time, we spent close to 14 hours per day, 5 days a week together both at our jobs for nine hours a day and then at school for five hours every evening. They were very long tiring days for us both and I was forced to take a leave from my education with only 3 classes remaining when my dad fell ill and I was needed to assist in his care. I could no longer manage both a job and an education and family care at the same time. After being accepted to AXIA College, UOP, I shared the great news of going back to school with Robby, hoping he would be interested in going back as well. He showed no interest whatsoever in going
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