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Checkpoint - Personal Stress Techniques

Checkpoint - Personal Stress Techniques - Lori J Babler...

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Lori J. Babler SCE164/Shannon Martin Checkpoint: Personal Stress Techniques One of the biggest stressors in my life relating to time management is that I tend to take on too many tasks or responsibilities at the same time. I have been known for being the “can do” person. If you need it done, I can do it. Just give it to me and I will get it done. You need it today by 5pm? No problem it will be on your desk by 4:30pm. A family member needs something urgently from the pharmacy or an errand taken care of? No problem, give it to me I will handle it right away. Before I know it, I completed all of the last minute urgent requests for assistance and all of my regularly scheduled tasks and activities are now falling behind. I have created a huge unnecessary stressor that could have been easily avoided. Once this major stressor and its creator were identified, I devised a plan to practically eliminate it all together. I began by creating a weekly schedule of all pre assigned and scheduled tasks and responsibilities. Because these are regular tasks and assignments, I could easily
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