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Checkpoint My Pyramid Plan. - susceptible to many other...

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Lori J. Babler SCE164/Shannon Martin Checkpoint: Physical Activity According to our text, Chapter 11, some of the benefits of regular physical activity include a better immune system which helps your body to fight off sickness and disease, improved weight control which can make it much easier to eat a piece of cheesecake and not feel guilty about it. With regular reduced risk of heart disease and cancer and for individuals in which these diseases are hereditary can be substantially important. Regular physical activity is important to both mind and body because without it, parts of our bodies can become weak and
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Unformatted text preview: susceptible to many other sicknesses and diseases in addition to what I have already listed. When you regularly exercise, certain chemicals in your brain also react and receive the benefits therefore causing both your body and mind to feel better overall. Your overall body circulation and flexibility require physical activity to maintain a healthy balance. Before beginning any daily regular exercise it is important to do stretching to ready your muscles and assist in obtaining better flexibility....
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