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Assignment-Object-Oriented Design

Assignment-Object-Oriented Design - Running head ASSIGNMENT...

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Running head: ASSIGNMENT- OBJECT-ORIENTED DESIGN 1 Assignment- Object-Oriented Design Lori Babler IT210 December 12, 2010 Stephen Welborn
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ASSIGNMENT- OBJECT-ORIENTED DESIGN 2 Assignment- Object-Oriented Design Generate an object-oriented design for a system that keeps tracks of your CD and DVD collection. 1. Get user input 2. Determine if input is a CD or DVD 3. Separate CD collection by album name 4. Separate CD collection by artist 5. Separate DVD collection by movie title 6. Separate DVD collection by actor 7. Display CD collection 8. Display DVD collection Identify each of the classes, associated data, and operations for the classes. The first class is the CD Class. The associated data relating to this class is the Album Name and the Artist of the CD. The subprogram SetAlbumName assigns a value to the AlbumName (Name). The function returns the value of the AlbumName to the program(GetAlbumName). The Subprogram SetArtist assigns a value to the Artist (artist). The function returns the value of the Artist to the program(GetArtist).
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