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Checkpoint+Domain+Name[1] - This would be in a menu type...

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Running head: CHECKPOINT - DOMAIN NAME 1 Checkpoint - Domain Name Lori Babler IT240 February 3, 2011 Farooq Afzal
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CHECKPOINT - DOMAIN NAME 2 Checkpoint - Domain Name I utilized the VeriSign website to create a Domain Name for the non-profit organization Free Flu. I found that the domain name www.Free-Flu.org was available and that would be the web address that I would pick primarily because this is an organization and most organizations use the .org naming convention for web addresses. For this organizations web server, I would choose Microsoft’s IIS because it is so widely used and common. In addition, I would also add a forms section to the main page in which requestors could input their zip code to find a local Free Flu site to obtain the necessary information and immunizations. Once their zip code is submitted they are directed to another page which lists all of the sites for their specified area. This page would also provide the requestor with options for receiving information or making appointments.
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Unformatted text preview: This would be in a menu type web page form in which the requestor can submit their preferences. Each location range would have its own page with a list of the sites for that area, the hours of operation for each site and the contact information for each site. Feedback from Instructor (Published: Tue 02/08/2011 09:56 AM MST) Earned Points: 21/30 Comments: Good work!! Your response includes all of the elements required to develop and launch a web site for new nonprofit organization, Free Flu, like a creative domain name for the organization, Web pages and Web server specifications etc. You did not submit your assignment on time, however, you satisfied the word count requirement. Certificate of Originality was included as it is now needed to be attached as a separate file with the CheckPoint, Assignment, Project etc. Great job on this one and...
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Checkpoint+Domain+Name[1] - This would be in a menu type...

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