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Unformatted text preview: Axia College Material Appendix B LAN Operating Systems Scenarios Read the three scenarios below, then answer the questions that follow each scenario. 1. You are the network administrator for a new company that has 10 users and plans to add five more users within a year. The files need to be accessed by all 10 users and each user must have different security rights. What kind of network would you install and how would the pieces and components of this network relate to each other? Define each component. I would set this network up using a client/server network. I would use a T1 ISP connection and I would use Windows Server as the operating system. Windows Server provides active directory which allows different security rights for each user. I would purchase the licenses for the initial 10 users plus make the purchase with the option to add on at a minimal price over the next 12 months. The server would provide access to all applications and files necessary depending on the security rights of each client and each user would be able to store and keep their own files on...
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Lan+Operating+Systems+Scenerio+Appendix+B[1] - Axia College...

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