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Running head: CHECKPOINT - NETWORK CONSULTANT SCENERIO 1 Checkpoint - Network Consultant Scenario Lori Babler IT240 January 21, 2011 Farooq Afzal
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CHECKPOINT - NETWORK CONSULTANT SCENERIO 2 Checkpoint - Network Consultant Scenario You have been contracted to build a network for a multimedia development firm that currently uses a 10-Mbps Ethernet network. The company requires a high-bandwidth network for the multimedia team, which constantly views and manipulates large files across the network. The company is expecting moderate growth. You are to come up with a solution to support the high bandwidth applications and growth potential of this company. Required result: Increase network bandwidth. Optional result: Support future growth. Improve server response time. Proposed solution: Install CAT 5 UTP cable in a star topology with the existing hub. Upgrade the workstation’s adapter cards to support 100 Mbps.
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Network+Consultant+Scenerio[1] - Running head CHECKPOINT...

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