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Appendix E TCP/IP Network Planning Table Read questions 80 and 81 on pp. 274-275 of the text. Identify the problems with the TCP/IP network in each scenario and complete the table. Explain your answer for each of the scenarios. Scenario Problem Explanation of proposed solution Resources needed #80 All of the hosts located in the bus topology with the IP addresses of 141.171.34.x have incorrect IP addresses assigned according to the port they are connected to on the router. Their IP addresses must match the network address of the specified default gateway. In this case, 141.171.35.x otherwise the hosts will not be able to communicate on the network. Change the network addresses of all hosts located in the bus topology from 141.171.34.x to 141.171.35.x to match and be directed to the closest port and correct default gateway on the router. TCP/IP communications and subnetting in our text. IT 240
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TCPIP+Network+Planning+Table+Appendix+E[1] - Axia College...

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