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Running head: ASSIGNMENT - WORK GROUP SCENERIOS 1 Assignment - Work Group Scenarios Lori Babler IT240 February 13, 2011 FAROOQ AFZAL
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ASSIGNMENT - WORK GROUP SCENERIOS 2 Assignment - Work Group Scenarios I would use the tutorial that was explained to enter each name. I would start from everyone that is associated with the sales department. The accounts would be based on the hierarchy of the department. The firs account that would be setup would be the sales manager, followed by the sales reps then the sales administrative assistant. The names would be listed alphabetically except the sales manager. Listing the names alphabetically would create an efficient way of knowing each person and where they are. I would start by administering login names for each person in the department. The login name would be the first and middle initial as well as last name without spaces. The password would be their last names in upper case. Once the account has been created and the information supplied to the users; personal change of the password could be done later.
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Unformatted text preview: The sales manager would have total control over all accounts because of the knowledge the person has. Once I have completed all the user accounts I would add the employees to designated areas. The area where the group I created would go to the sales area which would handle the sales. One the sales spot has been listed everyone associated with it could login and start to conduct business. Feedback from Instructor (Published: Wed 02/16/2011 09:42 AM MST) Earned Points: 80/100 Comments: Thank you for completing the 'create users' exercise. In this exercise you have learned that how to create the users for the sales organization unit and how to set up work groups in this particular situation. I am glad that you have successfully submitted. It is important to submit all assignments on or before the due date. Certificate of Originality was included as it is now needed to be attached as a separate file with the CheckPoint, Assignment, Project etc. Keep up the good work!...
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Work+Group+Scenerios[1] - The sales manager would have...

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