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VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION What are virtual organizations? You might ask yourself the question "Why do we need to go to a specific physical place to work?". The answer often is that either "this is where the people that you work with are" or "that this is where you find the information you need as well as the means to process it"- in summary where your office is. But what if you no longer had to go to this place to contact the people or get the information? Instead all this could be done electronically and you and everyone else would do their work from any location. In that case you can have taken the first few steps to a virtual organization. But there is more to virtual organizations then simply replacing the location where people work . What makes a virtual organization different? It removes many barriers - especially that of time and location. It emphasizes concentrating on new services and products, especially those with intensive information and knowledge characteristics, rather than concentrating on cost savings made possible by removing the barriers. It goes beyond outsourcing and strategic alliances and is more flexible in: that it has continuously changing partners, the arrangements are loose and goal oriented, emphasizes the use of knowledge to create new products and services,
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www-staff.it.uts.edu.au_~igorh_cscw_commerce_virtual.htm -...

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