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HW2 - ECEN 661 Modulation Theory Homework#2 Assignment Date...

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ECEN 661 - Modulation Theory Homework #2 Assignment Date: 1/26/06, Due Date: 2/2/06 1. Text 4.3. 2. Text 4.10 3. Text 4.11 4. For each of the following modulation formats, derive an expression relating the minimum (Euclidean) distance between points in the signal constellation, , and the average transmitted energy per bit, . Note the average energy per bit can be expressed as the average energy per transmitted symbol divided by the number of symbols per bit. (a) M-ary ASK (b) M-ary QAM (c) M-ary PSK (d) M-ary FSK 5. Design Problem Suppose we wish to send data using a 16-ary modulation format. Our goal is to construct a two- dimensional linear modulation format such that the efficiency of the modulation format is maxi- mized. We will discuss efficiency later in class. For now it is sufficient to define the efficiency of a modulation format as the ratio or in dB . (a) Two obvious choices would be to use either 16-PSK or 16-QAM. Based on your results from
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