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HW3 - ECEN 661 Modulation Theory Homework#3 Assignment Date...

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ECEN 661 - Modulation Theory Homework #3 Assignment Date: 2/2/06, Due Date: 2/9/06 1. Text 4.14. 2. Suppose we use a QPSK modulation format. Relative to the data rate, calculate the 3dB band- width, the first null bandwidth, and the 40dB bandwidth for each of the following pulse shapes: (i) square pulse, (ii) half sinusoid pulse, (iii) full-cosine pulse,. 3. Suppose we use a binary CPFSK modulation format with a modulation index of . For the following, assume a starting phase of . (a) Sketch the phase trellis diagram for the CPFSK signal. (b) Sketch a phase state diagram for the CPFSK signal. Be sure to label each branch of the state diagram with the complex envelope of the signal associated with that transition. 4. Matlab Problem: (a) Write a program to construct the phase and frequency pulse shapes for a GMSK signal with an arbitrary time-bandwidth product, . Provide plots of both the phase and frequency pulse
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