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ECEN 661 - Modulation Theory Homework #4 Assignment Date: 2/09/06 Due Date: 2/16/06 1. Text 4-34. 2. Text 5-9. 3. Text 5-10. 4. Text 5-15. 5. Text 5-19. 6. MATLAB Problem On the course web page is a file called “HW4P6.mat.” This file contains a signal called ‘signal’ which is a sampled binary baseband PAM signal which has been corrupted by white Gaussian noise. The pulse shape used is one of {square, half-sinusoid, full-cosine} with 100 samples per bit interval. Try to determine which pulse shape was used as follows: 1) Pass the signal through filters matched to each of the three possible pulse shapes and observe
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Unformatted text preview: the sampled MF outputs at the appropriate sampling times. 2) Since we know the correct MF should produce an output with the highest SNR, estimate the SNR out of each of the three filters. Please specify how you are estimating output SNR from the sampled MF outputs. Determine which MF produces the largest output SNR and hence guess which of the three pulses was used. 3) Assuming you have correctly identified the pulse shape, estimate the value of in the signal file. E b N o...
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