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ECEN 661 - Modulation Theory Homework #10 Assignment Date: 4/28/06 Due Date: Not to be turned in. 1. A voice-band telephone channel has a passband characteristic in the frequency range . (a) Select a symbol rate and a power efficient constellation size to achieve 14,400bps signal trans- mission. (b) If a square-root raised cosine pulse is used for the transmitter pulse, , select the rolloff factor. Assume that the channel has an ideal frequence response characteristic. 2. A certain channel can be characterized as a bandlimited Gaussian noise channel whose channel response is given by , where is the 3dB bandwidth of the channel and is measured to be 1MHz. We decide to design the system so that the equivalent channel response is a raised cosine with a rolloff factor of 25% ( ). The purpose of this problem is to determine what symbol rate we can support using this channel. (a) Give the transfer function of the transmitter and receiver filters for an arbitrary symbol rate, . (b) Determine the loss of the symbol-by-smbol detector which uses the filters as designed in part
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