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clear BT=0.3; L=10; % trellis length. t=[-1.95:0.1:1.95]; q=GMSKphase(BT,t); qL=length(q); Ts=qL/4; phi=zeros(1,(L+3)*Ts); d=[]; for m=1:L dm=sign(randn(1)); d=[d dm]; phi(1,(m-1)*Ts+1:(m+3)*Ts)=phi(1,(m-1)*Ts+1:(m+3)*Ts)+dm*q*pi/2; phi(1,(m+3)*Ts+1:(L+3)*Ts)=phi(1,(m+3)*Ts+1:(L+3)*Ts)+dm*(pi/2)*ones(1,(L- m)*Ts); end t=[1:length(phi)]/Ts;
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Unformatted text preview: % plot(t,phi/pi,'b.') % plot(t,angle(exp(j*(pi/2)*trellishat(m,:)))','r.') % axis([0 (11) -pi pi]) subplot(2,1,1) plot(t,cos(phi)) grid on ylabel('I-component') title('GMSK signal, BT=0.3') subplot(2,1,2) plot(t,sin(phi)) grid on ylabel('Q-component') xlabel('t/T_b')...
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